Since 2019, LS Team has provided trusted, motivated
developers to companies looking to scale their teams.


To sustain their motivation and keep your projects driving forward, we sponsor activities that energize them, including conferences, mentoring & learning groups, gym memberships, productivity apps, massages, gaming tournaments and much more.

Larry Bekchyan

Founder & CEO

Larry Bekchyan is a serial entrepreneur, crypto evangelist, and software engineer for more than 15 years.

He's co-founder of several wells knows startups in the advertisement, hospitality, and business automation sectors. Worked for US, European and Canadian companies as CTO for several years.

He successfully established his first software development company in Armenia in 2010. After several years of successfully running a company for 9 years in 2019 founded software developers outstaffing company LS Team whose goal was to provide senior developers from Armenia an opportunity to work for the best companies in the world.

His achievement is his team and the projects that were created in his career.